Antique furniture and interior item store

An antique store, "Viss antīkais" (All Antique), was opened in the former Machine Shop in Barons kvartāls (Cēsu iela 31 / Brīvības 155-k7) in July of 2010. Although located in the very heart of Riga, the store has managed to create its own peaceful harbour for all those who evaluate and appreciate antiquities of all sorts and kinds.

Once inside the store, everyone has the opportunity to breathe in and taste the most wonderful parts of the past. Look deep into secret-keeping mirrors, take a rest on a sofa under a nice bronze chandelier and follow the ticking of the clocks that date back to the first decade of the last century.

In the store, one may also enjoy some excellent artwork by some of the most notable Latvian painters, such as Vinters, Rožlapa, Zviedris, Skulme and others. Viss antikais is trying to make sure that there are things to please everyone’s tastes and wishes. If the desired item is currently out of stock, the helpful staff will do their best to order it so it can be delivered to your doorstep at the right time. And, quite amazingly, the prices here are not affected by the ravages of time.

Souvenirs of Latvia and smaller jewellery items are also available at Viss antīkais. The main goal of the store is to keep safe the values of eternity and past that are significant to all of us. And what is most important, smaller or larger pieces of those values may be taken home directly from Brīvības iela 155/K7, Barona kvartāls, Riga!

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